Sunday, May 4, 2014

What will be the speculation by Gayinc over this Photo??

Recently in the News there was a study from the UK, that claims that over 70% of str8 men love to spoon, and cuddle with other str8 guys. I don’t know if this is true or not, but in the larger slope of things it’s really doesn’t matter much.
There, in the US there is a lot speculation over the sexuality of a young congressman, simply because he young, built and single. This has lead to many members of the LGBT community to speculate that he is gay and in the closet. If he is straight or gay is totally his business.
They pick apart every photo of him that is on net. From the clothes he wore to a picnic, to him surfing and hanging out with his male friends around the world.
They question every photo, every action that me makes. Why, one might ask? I think because they have a crush him, and they know it will never be return or acknowledged by him. So they lash out on the net. Releasing their desire, their pain and longing for this man.
Recently he posted the following photo on his Instagram account,
“The caption is “18th Congressional District Art Show competition – today’s winner hangs in the US Capitol for one year, 200 artists from 19 counties.”
Now, just what will the speculation by GayINC be over this picture? I know that one gayinc’er will imply that he has a thing for the young man/artist that is pictured with him. That he might even try to make sure this artist wins this competition.
Why does it matter to us that all gay congressmen must be out and 100% supportive to our causes and community? Where is it written that if you are gay that you must comply 100% with the gay collective? Why do we demand this of our closet members? Who are in the closet for their own reasons? Yes, for many it’s better to be out and proud, but not everyone shares this thought.
Being in the closet, for many make them feel safe. Many find that closet a safe heaven, from their own perspective. AS we perceived that he gay solely because he has style and that he has one of the hottest bodies in Congress. Just as we perceived that all men would cuddle with other men to be secretly gay too. Why can’t be just be happy and go lucky, each to his own? Why? Well, I tell you why. We believe that we all must be on the same page, that there must be a unity among us.
Yet, we know for years of studies that sexuality is a very board spectrum, from straight to gay and all points in between. So, does this mean that those ladies who can be classify as “faghags” really are gay themselves, and that often sought but rarity found “fagstag” is really just a str8 guy would wants to be, but afraid to gay?
Why can’t we just be happy with who we are, and let others be the same? Why must gayinc feel that they must control the gay population, that they are the only ones to set the standard by which we must live by. Just who the hell elected them to speak for all of us? 

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