Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Class Action Lawsuit against Apple Filed, Over Imassages..

A California woman has kicked off a class action lawsuit against Apple over missing text messages. She claims that after she ditched her iPhone for an Android, Apple's iMessage system prevented her from receiving "countless" texts after the switch, according to documents filed in a San Jose court.

The suit, first reported by Bloomberg, is based on the long-known Apple iMessage problem: If you ditch your iPhone for an Android (or any other kind of phone), there's a chance you might not be able to receive texts from other iPhones.

The funny thing is that Apple give you the ability to turn off Imessages on your Iphone.. This is another dumbass lawsuit, that will drive up the prices of all futures Iphones..

go to iphone setting, than messages setting, turn off Imessage,,

see photo


learn how to use you Iphones..

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