Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Renee Ellmers acting like she really cares for our Troops

"Yesterday afternoon, I had the honor of meeting with several military commanders and enlisted personnel at Fort Bragg's Womack Army Medical Center to address my concerns regarding the healthcare and treatment of our troops. Last week's reports of substandard care for our country's warriors and veterans sent shockwaves throughout the Fort Bragg community and will require accountability and immediate solutions. I was pleased to meet Womack's new director, Col. Ronald Stephens - who, along with General Chinn, General Campbell, and General Horoho, assured me that the ongoing investigation will be dealt with in a way that holds people accountable and uncovers solutions. We are all committed to working together to address all the issues that will lead to improved patient care and the highest quality for our military and their families."

"The men and women of Womack are doing amazing things in spite of these recent shortfalls. While we are acutely aware of the shortcomings, it is important to note that every day, lives are saved and positively impacted due to the dedication of every healthcare provider and employee at Womack. I look forward to working with all of them to ensure that this standard of excellence will be evident to all."


Please we all know that you don’t care, only doing this to gain political points with the voters in your district..

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